Bavaria has been home to Ponnath DIE MEISTERMETZGER for twelve generations. With our centuries of experience, our passion for detail and our quality craftsmanship, we know how to make hearty Bavarian specialities the way Bavarians like them and the way the whole of Germany loves them.

Take home a little bit of Bavaria.

Ponnath’s Bavarian specialities bring the taste of Bavaria to any home. Our assortment includes typical regional delicacies, from Munich Weisswurst white sausage and oven-baked Leberkäse liver loaf to Regensburger Knacker and hearty Bierwurst sausage varieties.

Whether you are buying for your Bavarian specialities week or permanent stock, we are the right choice of partner. If not Ponnath DIE MEISTERMETZGER, with its deep roots in Bavarian tradition, who else has the skill and expertise to bring you the delicious taste of Bavaria?